Jan 09

Top 5 Conversion Tips for PPC Advertising

By David Sahly | Advertising

5 Ways to Get the Most from PPC Advertising When there are thousands of businesses promoting their services or products online, what will allow you to stand out from the crowd?  Pay-per-click advertising can not only attract attention to your website, but it can make a difference by helping you convert customer interest into sales. […]

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Dec 12

Top 5 Marketing Trends of 2016

By David Sahly | Online Marketing

The Best Marketing Trends of 2016 Marketing in 2016 is all about the user. The digital world is more geared towards creating a user experience that is seamless, active, and interconnected. By creating this type of organic and interactive user experience, you can ensure that your marketing strategies work for you! Here are the top […]

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Nov 23

Marketing Your Law Firm for Success

By David Sahly | Marketing Strategy

Digital marketing has drastically changed how law firms advertise their services. As the importance of direct communications with customers continues to increase, understanding how to diversify your law firm marketing strategy is essential to its continued growth. From content and social media marketing to smart web design and SEO practices, the different components of digital […]

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