SEO Myths Versus Reality – Google Rankings Factors 2014

By David Sahly | Google Ranking Factors 2014

Aug 27

SEO Myths Versus Reality

In our last blog, we discussed the ongoing Google algorithm changes that have wreaked havoc on SEO tactics for small business and some tactics to help you overcome the challenges these changes represent. After doing so, we have found ourselves inundated with queries regarding common misconceptions about google rankings factors and having to dispel a great number of these. With this in mind, we have compiled a list of some of the most common myths and the realities of the situation when it comes to ranking.

Myth versus reality – Google rankings factors 2014:

Myth #1: Keywords are the be all and end all. It is still an incredibly common misconception to believe that keywords are the ultimate way to ensure rankings. Unfortunately, many companies continue to fall into this trap and spend a tremendous amount of time focusing on specific keywords, ignoring the fact that Google’s Hummingbird made semantic keywords and sentence structure just as important. Instead of just focusing on keywords, you need to be thinking about what potential clients are asking and how key terms can be interpreted.

Myth #2: Content needs to be overflowing with keywords. Wrong! Keyword-rich content, and by this we mean content that seems to contain little more than your highly-prized keywords, isn’t an effective strategy anymore. There is no key equation when it comes to percentages, but one thing is certain – if your content is interesting and reads well, it will rank far better than if it is full of keywords but reads poorly! Remember: quality versus quantity.

Myth #3: The more pages you have, the better. Again, like keyword stuffing, a common misconception is that the higher the number of indexed pages on your website, the more traffic you will achieve as a result. The reality is that, when it comes to results, the higher the quality, even if you have fewer pages, the more likely you are to rank.

Myth #4: Link-building is dead. No, it isn’t, but it has changed. Links to irrelevant pages just to have the links is not good practice and can get you penalized by Google. However, organic link building, and honestly earning links because of quality content can significantly help you rank.

Myth #5: Just having a great website, with great content, will get great results. Sorry, no. While these are important for usability, engagement, inciting interest, etc., they may not actually result in higher rankings. Your company’s entire social network can seriously impact your rankings. Social sharing (tweets, likes, pins, etc.) all work towards increasing your online cred, and so working on these is crucial too.

Garnering online traffic can be difficult – but it is even more so when one subscribes to these common myths. Take this Google rankings factors 2014 myth-busting list to the bank and you might just be surprised how much things change.

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