Types of Blog Posts that Get Shared

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Mar 07
Types of Blog Posts That Get Shared

Types of Blog Posts that Get Shared

types of blog posts that get shared

Hint: The Answer is Still Video

The types of blog posts that get the most shares on social media are those that use the most popular form of media and are promoted on the most popular social platform.

More simply, that sentence translates to creating blogs that contain video and are posted to Facebook.

Luckily, this specific combination of media and platform is also one of the easiest to perform.

However, we find several of our clients are still slow to adopt this strategy. To encourage you to give it a go, we created this infographic below for some powerful highlights.


How to Use Video Blogging to Get More Shares on Facebook

Types of blog posts that get shared


As you can see, not only is there strong evidence video is a powerful form of media, Facebook users are proven to engage with it! And businesses just like yours are taking note.

And the opportunities are many – and even multi-directional. Create a video blog series and share them to Facebook, or create a live video on Facebook and create a post for it on your blog.


How to Get Started (Creatively)

Choose a topic you can talk about for a few minutes. Log in to Facebook, and create a post using Facebook Live. Pay attention to who is watching – say hello! When you’re done, publish it to your feed.

While you build engagement on Facebook, you can also create a blog post on your blog using the video, perhaps write a few additional thoughts and include some resources for your views. And then guess what? Publish your blog post back to Facebook!

Need help creating the types of blog posts that will get shared on Facebook? Above the Fold Media can help. Contact us today for a free consultation.


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