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DAVID SAHLY - SEO Specialist Toronto

David Sahly our Toronto SEO Specialist understands how to craft an effective digital strategy for any business. With years of experience at some of Canada’s largest digital agencies, he knows the importance of results, transparency, and trust—and he’s seen how small and medium-sized businesses can get left behind.

That’s why he founded Above the Fold Media: to serve businesses of all sizes with practical, reliable, and effective digital marketing. David’s acute attention to detail and dedication to quality permeate throughout everything the agency does.

 He personally outlines nuanced strategies, oversees ongoing campaigns, and explores new cutting-edge technology solutions to help clients reach their business goals.

There’s nothing David loves more than helping already successful businesses reach new heights. Born and raised in Ottawa, he now lives in Liberty Village in downtown Toronto with his Chow Chow puppy, Ray. When he’s not rolling up his sleeves at work, you can find him setting new personal records at CrossFit, traveling throughout the Mediterranean, and trying new foods from across the world.

Toronto SEO Specialist
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Above the Fold’s Philosophy

At Above the Fold, we pride ourselves on delivering the best service, newest technology, and sharpest strategy to all clients, regardless of their size. Where other agencies try to maximize profits by doing less and charging more, Above the Fold believes in building enduring relationships through hard work, respect, and results. While we attract the top talent from Canada and beyond, if we ever find that we’re not experts in anything you need, we’ll find those who are, work with them, and bring them to the table. Contact us today to learn more and get started.

Toronto Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Experts

Everyone wants to be found on Google, but not everyone has what it takes. The search engine giant weighs over 200 factors when deciding how high your site will rank. At Above the Fold, we help clients design and execute effective SEO campaigns to reap online authority and new business.

With world-class talent, cutting-edge technology, and up-to-the-minute insights, we’re constantly improving our processes to better serve clients. Above all, Above the Fold believes in educating our clientele so they can understand their results, follow best practices, and achieve their goals.

Robust Industry Expertise

Every industry is different: different customer acquisition funnels, different audience expectations, different everything. That’s why Above the Fold specializes in a number of industries, from the legal world, to dental and medical practices, to technology to finance and bankruptcy companies.

In each of these spheres, we’ve studied the lay of the land and cultivated strong relationships with publishers and influencers. Having worked with major businesses within each of these specialties, we’re well equipped to help your succeed online.

Ontario & Local Expertise

With our entire team born and raised in Ontario, Above the Fold offers unparalleled insight into the area’s culture and competitive landscape. We are Toronto SEO Experts

Having worked with the best and brightest businesses in Ontario, we apply the lessons we’ve learned to companies based all over the world, including the United States and Europe. No matter where our clients are based, we’re equipped to help them to develop strong a strong local presence on Google Maps, Yelp, Foursquare, and beyond.