Produce Inbound Leads

Companies are always looking to expand their client base by drawing in new customers. Some of this can be done through referrals from existing clients, and other forms of word-of-mouth. But, if you’re really planning on boosting business, the most effective way is through inbound marketing.

What is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound marketing is the process of first drawing new individuals to your website, by making them aware of your company and by presenting them with a compelling webpage. Then, the new individual becomes a potential customer, as they browse your site and become interested in your brand. Inbound marketing then takes this individual from a potential customer to an active customer, and finally transforms them into a promoter of the company through consistent and excellent service.

Inbound marketing focuses on providing customers with the best possible service. By giving individuals an excellent experience starting at their first website visit, your company is more likely to gain loyal customers that will provide continual sales and even expand your customer base through referrals and recommendations.

As compared to outbound marketing — with email blasts and ads that potential customers might find obnoxious — inbound marketing focuses on creating a strong, concise brand that will naturally appeal to the appropriate audience. By honing in on a solid message and crafting a consistent website and company culture, your target audience will be automatically drawn to your company. This means that the potential customers you’re hoping for will be relieved when they find a company just like yours. And, your non-target audience will continue uninterrupted by ads for your company that aren’t relevant to them.

Inbound marketing is the most effective strategy to build and maintain the exact client base your company needs. Studies have shown that most people, including your potential clients, value non-monetary gestures more than monetary gestures, on the condition that the gesture is valuable to them. At Above the Fold, we can work directly with your company to make sure that your website and content appeals to the appropriate audience, and provides valuable content to potential customers.

How does Inbound Marketing take shape?

So far, inbound marketing may seem more like an abstract goal than a concrete plan. That’s where Above the Fold steps in. You know you want your company to appeal to more people and provide excellent content, but implementing that plan can be challenging.

The first step, before inbound marketing can begin, is to determine what audience your company would like to target. This will, of course, vary widely from one company to the next. With our help, you will consider and evaluate the age range, lifestyle, and location of your potential customers. This audience will be the people most likely to seek out your company, and most likely to stay with your company long-term. They’ll also become the source of your referrals and recommendations in the future. Some companies may already have a solid idea of their target audience, while other companies may need to reconsider more deeply. Wherever your company currently is in that process, Above the Fold can help ensure that your target audience is determined effectively and accurately. Once this audience is found, it is crucial to keep it in mind throughout the entire process of inbound marketing. These are the people who will become your company’s customers, and it is their needs and wants that your company will address.

After determining your company’s target audience, inbound marketing starts by making your company’s website as sleek and professional as possible. Every aspect of your website, from the theme colors to the content of each page, should appeal to your target audience. The website should be both functional and visually appealing, providing the content your audience is looking for in a concise and easy-to-understand way. All of your website’s content should be focused and precise, which creates a strong brand for your company and a consistent message for your audience. Every page of your website should speak to this brand, reinforcing your image and culture with your audience. The website should be easily navigable, and accessible to your audience on all devices, including mobile phones.

Once your website is pristine, search engine optimization (SEO) can help direct your audience to your website using relevant keywords and search terms. SEO can be made the most effective with the use of search engine data, ensuring that individuals looking for a company like yours will actually find your website. In addition to keywords and reliable content, another way to ensure individuals visit your website is by beginning and maintaining a blog on relevant topics. This will provide a window into your company, and will create another door through which potential customers can walk. It will also provide an opportunity for outside websites to link to your company’s website, which can increase traffic tremendously. Above the Fold can provide all of this, plus more depending on your company’s needs and goals. We can also create e-books, whitepapers, and studies, among other things, to provide the content that your target audience is looking for.

Inbound marketing is a comprehensive strategy to provide valuable and relevant content to your audience. Your new customers will have an excellent experience from the first time they set foot on your website, and will become loyal customers throughout the years to come. Inbound marketing is a long-term strategy that can benefit your company both now and in the future, paving the road to success for a company of any size and style. Through reliable services and a top-notch online presence, customers will be not only created, but also maintained and converted to promoters. Inbound marketing can accomplish all of this without placing outside ads or appealing to an audience whose needs won’t align with your company’s services.

Above the Fold provides the best in inbound marketing in Toronto, for companies looking to expand their client base, create a stronger brand, and find the ideal niche audience. For more information, click here to contact us.


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