Paid SEM & PPC

Want guaranteed number 1 rankings on Google?

So why does Google change their algorithm so often? Why would Google want to prevent you from figuring out the magic recipe to rank number 1 under all of the search terms you desire?

Because Google earns their income from paid advertising!

When you perform a search on Google and you see sponsored listings at the top and right hand side of the page, these are paid listings and Google’s bread and butter.
Want guaranteed number 1 rankings on Google? You can achieve this through a Google pay-per-click campaign.

How does it work? A daily budget is set, as well as a maximum cost per click. Each time someone clicks on your ad you pay the cost per click and your campaign pauses once you reach your daily budget.

With that said, the way your campaign is set up and managed will determine the cost per click and how much budget you will need to compete. This is why so many companies outsource their Google pay-per-click campaign maintenance to companies like Above the Fold Media.

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