Paid SEM & PPC

When it comes to websites and portfolios, for either the individual or a small or growing business, website traffic and online chatter is one of the top ways to get noticed. If you have marketed yourself or your business’s services and strengths, worked with SEO keywords and other various strategies to up the traffic to your site via search engines, and you still aren’t seeing the results you want when you run a Google search, there is just one more step that can take you from wherever you are listed in the muddled lines of search engine pages to the very top of the search engine list. There is only so much time in a day and, therefore, only so much you time you can spend on marketing and SEO management of your business or website, while in the meantime physically trying to run that business or service. Here at Above the Fold Media, we want to help you reach that top spot on the Google search engine list. With our refined and transparent methods, and very little effort on your part, we can do it together. How? Pay-per-click advertising. With pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, you and your business will effectively be working with Google, aiding in their funding, while gaining more traffic than you had thought imaginable – all at a minimal cost to you. Leave us to manage your PPC campaign in Toronto. Really, what could be easier?

What is Pay-Per-Click?

Pay-Per-Click advertising is a special kind of advertising where the advertiser pays a fee, either assigned or bid upon, according to the advertiser’s preferences, for each time his or her advertisement is clicked. There are millions of people that use the internet everyday, clicking all over links that are splayed across their computer screens – paying for all of those clicks sounds costly! Don’t worry. When you use a company like Above the Fold Media, your pay-per-click campaign will be a highly controlled campaign that will be run by your rules and your regulations. You can choose to do a pay-per-click campaign with pretty much whomever you like, but when you are trying to get top rated on the search terms of your choice on a search engine, working with Google on your pay-per-click campaign is your smartest bet. When designing your personal pay-per-click campaign, you will be advertising yourself or your company – basically just furthering marketing yourself. You will choose the amount of money that you wish to spend per advertisement click, and then decide on a daily spending quota. When your daily spending quota is met, the payment per click will be put on hold. This ensures that you can easily adjust a pay-per-click campaign into your budget while gaining access to the top search positions that you and your company want and need.

How Does it Work?

Google gains all of its funding through advertising. This is why you see so many advertisements when you put in a search. All of those top-of-the-search advertisements and right-hand-side advertisements that come up, tailored to your most recent search? Those are pay-per-click campaigns that are working with Google to attract customers, and those could be you. Using a pay-per-click campaign is merely a business transaction between you and your campaign platform, in this case: Google. You are helping them gain funding through your advertisements while they help you gain a larger following, host more foot traffic through your website, and reach a broader audience. Ready to get started?

How Will Above the Fold Media Help Me?

Think of Above the Fold Media as your personal pay-per-click campaign managers. We are here to help you best design your advertisement, properly budget, and get your advertisement out there. Our goal is to make sure that your advertisement is always number one on the rankings. When you work with Above the Fold Media, you are working with the top of the line in PPC management in Toronto. Everything that Above the Fold does with your campaign is transparent, so you are precisely aware of how our methods work and how we accomplish them as we run it all by you.

What About Click Fraud?

Taking on a pay-per-click campaign all on your own increases your risk of certain issues such as click fraud, that take your campaign’s hard work and make it all for naught. What is click fraud? Click fraud happens when certain systems, or programs, or individuals have been hired simply to click on these pay-per-click advertisements without any actual interest in the advertisements. Google has an automated system in place to severely cut down on click fraud – which is why we suggest Google as the leading search engine platform to use in your campaign – and Above the Fold Media acts as your personal watch dog, making sure that every click is towards your own personal gain.

Who has time to research necessary keywords that will benefit their site most when others might input a search? Who has time to set up landing pages that will attract attention for a major audience? Who has the time to run around, chasing after Google’s latest “keys to success” for their search engine? You sure don’t – you have a business to run and a brand to build! Above the Fold Media is your best kept secret to your business’ or website’s success on Google. We keep you informed with every step of the process, you make all the decisions, but you don’t have to worry about all the little nit-picky tidbits within the management process. We sweat the small stuff, so you can get onto the important things, like managing your new influx of traffic and growing your business and clientele. Get your business or website off the ground through a pay-per-click campaign through Google. Join hundreds of others who have discovered the secret to search engine success with the help and expertise of Above the Fold Media. For PPC management based in the bustling metropolis of Toronto, Above the Fold Media is your business’ or website’s answer to becoming a city-wide sensation and beyond.

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