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Digital Marketing is fastest growing industries in the last 5 years

Digital marketing has become one of the fastest growing industries in the last 5 years. It is vital to have a presence online that is more prominent than that of your competitors. When you have a business in an urban area such as Markham, you should be looking to reach consumers who are potentially looking to purchase your product or service. Now is the ideal time to be located online, but easily discovered by major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, or Bing.

An astounding percentage over 80% of consumers today are searching products or services online prior to making any purchases. Search engine optimization (SEO) has blown up and is not only the fastest growing industry, it’s taken the world by storm. Businesses that are following suit and using SEO to market their business, are reaping the benefits one sweet sale at a time.

Search engine results pages such as through Google or Bing are extremely important to rank high in if you are looking to expand your business and increase your revenue. They create a substantial return on investment for various company sizes, big or small. This is one of the easiest and cost-efficient ways to reach out to consumers geographically targeted in and around your business, and up to a larger base on a national scale as well.

Not only does this give businesses the power to increase leads and revenue, consumers who are potential purchasers of your product or service will also be directed towards your site as opposed to your competitors. As your Markham SEO company, we have ways of showing you how your company can utilize SEO marketing so that it’s beneficial to you.

We begin to grasp an understanding of your business and industry based on a personalized plan for action that is specific to not only your website’s strengths, but its weaknesses as well. We look to improve upon what is already existing, and make recommendations based on what we also see as a valuable asset already existing on your site. We are motivated through increasing overall revenue through this marketing strategy on digital channels.

There are multiple benefits from using SEO. These are typically measured over a period of time (monthly intervals) at most, so that we are not over reporting, or collecting results that have not fluctuated or increased over a certain period of time. The size of your company has nothing to do with this, it is how poorly or how well your site has been optimized. Organic SEO is important, which means this is done naturally and does not cost money to increase your rankings on these search engines. PPC is pay-per-click advertising, and this normally provides increased rankings, with short term results, and can become a costly out of pocket expense to your business trying to increase sales.

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From the very beginning, we use a combination of tactics to determine what goals need to be set over the contract period, such as traffic and lead generation. Once this is decided, we follow the personalized plan we set out for each individual client based on their needs. A site audit is where we conduct a full analysis of your website before we go any further with an SEO campaign.

Keyword research is the primary step in establishing what needs to be done and implemented onto your webpage. These are words and phrases that are in relation to the product or service you are offering. From there, we brainstorm certain techniques that can be used to place these terms organically throughout your website. We focus on using only most relevant terms and phrases so that we are also enticing any potential consumer visiting your site, to become more inclined to actually purchase your product or service. The intent to purchase is what gives us the drive for everything we do when it comes to choosing these words and phrases for your website.

Moving on, we use a number of programs to figure out how people are also searching your competitors. We look at each individual search engine results page to determine how your competitors are ranking on each of these pages. This gives us the information we need in regards to your competitors site authority, and how difficult it will be to outrank them in a results page.

Last but not least, we proceed with the implementation of our findings during the earlier steps in the research process, as well as the main objectives. From coding to content, we cover the map with website development. We also tend to focus on link building during this stage to ensure your website’s content is highly relevant to the selected keyword terms and phrases.

Naturally, time will determine your results based on how strong and effective your SEO campaign really is. SEO has become a main component of digital marketing for your business because of how easy and accessible the internet is, and the volume of people now using their smartphone to view websites online. Someone who is unfamiliar with the benefits SEO has to offer should understand that it gives you the ability to compete with not only local companies, but on a larger scale as well; as long as the site is properly optimized and professionally represented.

The world is your oyster, but if you choose not to use our Markham SEO services, you are basically handing conversions to your competitors. In order for your revenue to increase, you need to keep these potential consumers from being directed to your competition. Ask yourself: if they aren’t getting it from me, where are they going to find it? You need to make sure that you’re not hurting your business because of a poorly optimized website.

With the right SEO campaign designed and implemented specifically for you, will allow for you to take back customers you have lost in the past to your competition. If you are looking for the best SEO company in Markham, give us a call today for a free consultation!