North York SEO


North York: A Growing Business Community

Although North York is a relatively small city by GTA standards, it still has one of the largest flourishing business communities in Southwestern Ontario. Business owners are flocking to this city due to its proximity to the downtown core of Toronto and its vibrant community. As businesses continue to develop in this area, the demand for clients and customers will continue to grow. If you are one such business owner looking to generate additional revenue through marketing or promotion, you may be wondering is North York SEO the best way to invest? Let's look at how other marketing tactics compare. 

Traditional marketing methods such as print, radio and television are all on the decline. Too many times, business owners invest huge sums of money just to show up for 30 seconds on a station that viewers or listeners may not even be paying attention to. As a result, not only are you wasting your funds on consumers who may not be paying attention, but you may also be paying to have your brand shown to people who have no interest in purchasing your product or service. The result is an advertising campaign that is likely to cost more than it generates in revenue, and you as a business owner are back to square one.

However, alternative options exist! There is no argument that the internet has become a part of our daily lives. Within a few short decades it has expanded to encompass most of who and what we are. We now live almost universally through events and experiences linked to the internet, and it is therefore no surprise that search engines arose to dominate the online landscape. Search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing are at the forefront of our internet usage. Google alone fields billions of searches a day to provide users access to information, products, services and experiences they have never had before. As a result, you can save money using a digital marketing company.

The Value of North York SEO Services

Today, business owners use a process called SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to maximize the ability of their websites to show up on search engines in order to create awareness for their brand, traffic for their website, and sales for their bottom line. As search engines have become more used by average consumers, the numbers have told. Over 90% of all consumers will conduct a Google search for a product they are interested in purchasing before making a purchasing decision.

This means that if you sell products that consumers are looking for, but you aren’t featured on Google search results, your sales will be significantly less than a competitor of yours whose website does show up on Google. This is the new competitive landscape we live in, but the good news is that you have the opportunity to boost your website traffic and sales in a few short months by conducting an SEO campaign of your own with an experienced SEO provider.

Finding The Best North York SEO Company

As a long-time SEO provider and digital marketing agency, Above The Fold Media specializes in helping businesses get the most out of the digital footprint by conducting search engine optimization services designed to get long-term results quickly and efficiently. Within just a few months, we can take your website from completely barren to full of search engine-driven traffic, all with expressed intent to purchase your company’s goods or services.

We Customize Strategies to Meet Your Business Needs
Our customized approach to developing SEO strategies for businesses in the GTA allows us to stay one step ahead of the competition. Our size allows us to treat our customers as they should be - as business owners simply trying to make a living for themselves and their employees. We do not view your business as an account number - as Canadians and as SEO professionals we want your business to thrive as a result of the work we conduct.

We Stay Up-to-Date with New SEO Practices
There is more to SEO than simply making a website beautiful for the public. You need to make sure that it fits with the best practices of search engines in order to ensure you have as much visibility and as many visitors as possible. It is not enough to simply plug some keywords into your website’s code - you need a comprehensive campaign targeting specific user centers and demographics that are tailored to the products and services you are providing.

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What Makes Us The Best North York SEO Company?

In addition to our promise to treat you as a human being, we hold many advantages to our SEO counterparts. We have an in-house team which is a completely foreign concept to many agencies in the GTA. Rather than out-sourcing your work to an agency in a foreign country, we conduct all our work on your website using our in-house team of SEO experts. These team members each have years of experience in the field and know how to get the most out of your SEO campaign for you without breaking the bank.

We also feature unique tools, developed in-house which are not available to the public. This gives us a chance to see deeper into the inner workings of your website than agencies that use general-purpose stock SEO tools. As a result, we are able to conduct deeper research into your website, your competitors, your target audience and your sales potential in order to determine what kind of return you can expect on your investment during and after our SEO campaign.

Last but not least, the combination of our unique tools and our talented staff mean we have experience with nearly every trick in the book when it comes to SEO and digital marketing. When you are trusting the branding and online reputation of your business to a marketing agency, you want to ensure that you are trusting it to a team that is going to look after you as if it were their own business. That is the kind of service you simply don’t get from most SEO agencies in North York. We want to get to know you - your business, your goals and aspirations - and develop an SEO campaign that is going to deliver the results you want in the fastest time frame possible.

If you are looking to make a marketing change and want the best out of your digital marketing agency, give us a call and see what Above The Fold Media can do for you.