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Located on the East Coast of Canada, Halifax has long been a hub of commerce and trade. This trend has only increased with the integration of search engines and digital marketing which is now sweeping the city and making it easier for business owners to reach their target audiences more quickly and efficiently than ever before. Search engine optimization (SEO) is a form of digital marketing that places your website in front of millions of Canadians on a daily basis as they search for goods and services your business provides.  Simply put, your business' online presence will improve drastically with SEO in Halifax and targeted customers will be able to find you more easily!

Google has become such a central part of our daily lives that we now “Google” something rather than search for it. Over 90% of all consumers claim that they make at least one Google search for a product or service before making a buying decision. This means that hundreds, if not thousands of potential customers are looking for your business every month. However, without a properly-designed website or attention to the keywords used by potential customers, your customers will never find your website and your business will take longer to prosper. 

The simple truth is that SEO in Halifax is a necessity for any business looking to gain a foothold in its market or attempting to compete with established companies with greater resources. SEO remains the only marketing technique that allows for fair competition regardless of the size and scope of the business. We at Above The Fold Media know this to be true because we have handled SEO campaigns for businesses of all sizes across Canada. Regardless of your company’s size, it can compete with anyone on search engines such as Google and return hundreds or even thousands of visitors, all at an extremely reasonable price.

The Importance of SEO Halifax

The true power of SEO lies in its ability to reach hundreds or even thousands of your potential customers who have already signalled their intent to purchase your service. There is no other promotional service or marketing strategy that allows you direct access to your prospective customers in the same way a well-tailored SEO campaign does.

Many companies have joined the trend of utilizing search engines as a means of generating targeted traffic to their websites in order to generate higher revenue. In fact, there are good odds that your competitors are using a Halifax SEO agency as a means of generating more visits to their websites, and they are reaping the rewards. The fact you are reading this right now is proof of this concept, and should promote more interest in SEO as a valuable marketing tool to bring interested customers to your website.

Above The Fold Media: A Leader in Canadian SEO

In both Halifax and around Canada, Above The Fold Media has a reputation for providing top-quality SEO services that bring your website exponentially more traffic than you might typically receive under similar circumstances. We have a series of unique strategies and tactics that allow us to optimize your website to receive as much traffic as possible from targeted sources, resulting in an increase in leads and sales generated from your website.

We have a history of working for companies of all sizes in Halifax and throughout Canada, producing stellar results that are second to none. As an added bonus, all work conducted for you by Above The Fold Media is handled by an in-house team of SEO experts and professionals whose sole job it is to ensure that your bottom line improves as a result of our SEO services.

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SEO Tools and Expertise to Maximize Your Website Traffic

Unlike many other Canadian SEO agencies, Above The Fold Media promotes its own line of uniquely developed tools which can be customized to fit any digital marketing parameters we require. This means your online campaign will not be a carbon copy of other client’s. While the majority of SEO agencies take the cookie-cutter approach to clients, regardless of their budget, we take the time to optimize our process to fit in with the goals of your SEO campaign. We make sure that we are efficiently using every dime of the budget given to us so that your advertising budget produces the best returns for the same cost.

An In-House Team of SEO Specialists For Halifax Businesses

Our top-quality SEO services come from the fact that we do not rely on outsourcing to produce our results. Rather than taking the cheap option and providing a substandard product, our focus has always been to provide the best by hiring the best - and our team is the best. Our SEO Halifax experts have years of training and experience in the SEO and digital marketing industry, resulting in a team that has seen it all, done it all, and proven their ability to gain success for businesses of all sizes. We have made the decision to expand our services to cover all of Canada, and are looking forward to being able to help business owners in Halifax looking to improve their company’s brand awareness, website traffic and revenue. 

We accomplish this by using cohesive strategies to prioritize and make the most of your digital strengths while improving on your weaknesses to ensure that your business is being supplied with an endless stream of positive digital footprints that Google takes note of. We supplement this strategy with social media campaigns, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising and by improving brand awareness through traditional media channels. This means your business will be represented across a full spectrum of digital marketing avenues, placing your company in the spotlight and helping to generate more customers.

Halifax SEO Services That Improve Your Bottom Line

Our SEO services are among the most powerful digital marketing strategies you will find available in all of Canada. We have the right tools, experience and knowledge to make your next digital marketing campaign a complete success. We offer some of the fastest turnaround times in the industry, meaning you will see returns on your investment in only a few short months (and sometimes sooner)! Our focus on achieving rankings for your website combined with our approach to generating leads and sales means that you will always be benefitting from the work our team is conducting to maximize your revenue potential. 

Through our work, your website will experience more traffic, more qualified leads and more sales in a very short time. At the end of the day, your competitors are likely already on to this digital marketing goldmine, and in a few short years you will have to use SEO just to keep up. Why not get a head start now and blow your competitors out of the water with SEO Halifax while you have a clear advantage? Give us a call today and see the difference our digital marketing campaigns can make for you!