Bankruptcy Trustee Case Study

A Bankruptcy Trustee Discovers Marketing Gold

The Challenge

We were approached by an Ontario-based bankruptcy trustee with offices throughout the province. The client required a digital strategy to help it stand out from an increasingly competitive marketplace – especially with incursions by national bankruptcy trustee chains – and to clearly articulate its value proposition.

Like many businesses, they had already engaged the services of digital marketing agency – in this case, a large one – but they found that they weren’t getting results, and were disappointed in the agency’s “lackadaisical support.”

The Solution

As always, Above the Fold Media began with its research/discovery phase, analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of the client’s principal competitors, doing a thorough assessment of the client’s existing digital marketing efforts and discussing with their objectives and pain points.

With this picture, ATF was able to suggest a complete solution tailored to the client’s specific needs. The program we proposed, and the client accepted, included a wide range of services: search engine optimization (SEO) to up their site’s page rankings, a pay-per-click (PPC) campaign to trigger immediate results, a content creation blogging strategy aimed squarely at their target market, conversion optimization to translate this consumer interest into confirmed bankruptcy/consumer proposal files, and establishing their presence in specific geographic markets through Google Maps (local).

And of course, the solution was presented in a session with our resident ATF guru, who outlined the options and made it clear how the various parts of the plan would work together and the results they would deliver.

PPC: Although the previous agency had a good PPC plan in place, we took the opportunity to fine tune and make it even more effective. ATF’s Senior PPC Manager made several key changes to the campaign’s structure, breaking out Ad Groups so it wasn’t condensed into non-relevant groups, and taking advantage of some missed opportunities. He found that the same five ads were being rotated across all accounts.  We were able to create a bigger bang with the campaign by creating multiple ads per group, all tailored to the theme of our landing pages and online advertising.

SEO: We made changes to the client’s OnPage with keywords and cleaned up their URLs to achieve better page rankings. We focused on getting better-quality links to promote the brand and expanded the number of relevant keywords. We also put a greater emphasis on the geographical locations of their offices, to make major in-roads in each different market.

Content Creation: Here we focused on rewriting pages with more targeted content, as well as writing blog posts, location pages and articles for SEO links against our digital marketing strategy. The content stressed the client’s long experience and successful track record, as well as their empathetic treatment of people facing one of the toughest situations in their lives. Rather than dwelling on the problems and failings that brought people to the trustee, we focused on the bankruptcy trustee’s proven ability to provide solutions that help clients get their financial lives back on track.

Consulting and Communication: Having extensive experience in the bankruptcy and insolvency space, ATF was able to highlight best practices in Ontario by other firms, and adapt and improve on these in our campaign. These insights became invaluable as we strategized with the client on the moves they would need to make to prepare for the coming of strong, new competitors.


The Results

Our work with the client ran from January to April 2016. By February the bankruptcy trustee could already see the improvement in their business, with a big bump in site traffic, new leads and conversions into sales.

One reason that the campaign worked so well was because the client was a great partner, quick to see the value of our proposed changes and then implement them. At ATF, we pride ourselves on the senior expertise of all our staff – a junior never handles the work. This way clients can rest assured they are getting the best, most effective advice.

Results for January 1 to April 30, 2016:

  • Unique Traffic (not counting repeat visits)
    10,397 visitors in 2016 compared to the same time in 2015, or an increase of 53.14%.
  • Leads
    383 leads vs. 271 in 2015 which is a 41% increase in leads, conversion rate of 3.7% vs. 4%.
  • Sales
    115 files were converted, for a 30% leads-to-sales close rate, vs. 15 files converted in 2015, for a 5.5% leads to sales-close rate.

Although conversion rate dropped by 0.3% in 2016, the number of closed files suggests that the quality of those leads significantly improved over 2015, with a sales closing rate increasing more than five times to 30%. The bottom line always rules.

“Above the Fold was an invaluable partner – easy to deal with, transparent, always with our best interests in mind. They know our business sector, have an intuitive grasp of what’s needed and are open to feedback. After doing thorough research, they brought innovative ideas to the table that have made a real difference to our business.”


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